Saturday, August 8, 2009

So, Scoutster is on this diet. Poor dear, the vet informed her that she is overweight for her size!!! Well, she did not take this news well. We put her on the dry dogfood the vet told us to use. It is the 'weight control formula'. So after 4 weeks on this food she went back to the vet to get weighed in.

She had GAINED 4 pounds!!!!

What is up with that????
So we put her back on the 'senior formula' dry dog food. We'll see how this works out. But I think she is looking mighty fine here, don't ya think???

Just like me, she doesn't like to exercise and she LOVES to eat. She especially likes anything her humans are eating. So we try to be good and NOT give her tidbits. But, look at that face. I mean, really, could you turn down that look??

We love every pound of her♥♥