Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Dog

Scout, the Snow Dog!! She really doesn't like the snow. Not much fur on that chubby little body. You would think her extra weight would keep her warm. But she is not a fan of the snow.....and so funny to watch when she does have to go out in it.
She keeps us entertained.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

All ears

This sweetie hears everything. I love how she tucks her paws in under herself to keep warm. But what a set of ears she has.....I must admit I am jealous. She can rotate them individually towards whatever sound she in interested in. And she can lay them down flat when she wants them out of the way-or when she wants to look forlorn.
Sometimes they get 'folded' back-not on purpose-and it looks like she has no ears at all. Ha! Quite amazing, these ears of hers.
No one can sneak up on us with her around.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Photocube-lightbox for pictures

Here's the URL one more time.....

I'm determined to get you all the info in one post with the pic of the lightbox and the URL.

I am 'computer challenged' so bear with me here...heehee


So here are a couple of pictures from the info on making your own photocube or lightbox. Forgot to add those in the last post.
Copy and paste the URL in your address bar to get all the info. This is super cool!!

Making a lightbox and taking pictures

Thought I would add an additional 'title' since it is also called a 'lightbox'. I purchased one and I love it...but this one that you make here looks really great and easy to make.
Try'll like it!!
Just type in the URL and you will get all the info you need. Here it is again:

Happy picture taking :o)

Making a photobox for your pictures

Hey-Thought I would try to share this information about taking pictures and making your own photo box.
Hope you find it useful.

Monday, January 11, 2010

A winter's nap

So, I come into the bedroom and who do I find all tucked in bed, nice and cozy. Yep, my furbaby, Scout. Apparently she found herself a nice warm place for a winter's nap.
This is actually EXACTLY how I found her. She got herself all snuggled in with no help from anyone else.

So CUTE!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


So, here I am at the Rex Cancer Center for one of my checkups. All is well. YEA!! This year, I don't have any grand resolutions except ONE. To walk.....walk.....walk....

I've been told that it has many benefits. It should increase the strength of my bones, help me increase muscle tone, generate those 'feel good' chemicals in my brain, help me to lose a few pounds off my midsection an bubble butt, and just provide overall "goodness" to my life.

So.....I am a wackly walking woman!! I am up to 3 miles per day on my trusty treadmill.....whom I have given the name of Teddy the Torture Treadmill. But we are slowing becoming friends.

So, I'll keep you posted. For now.....I'm off to walk.....