Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Butterfly Bush

Our neighbor has several butterfly bushes and they are awesome. I was out this morning to get the mail and saw all the butterflies having their 'breakfast'. There was one very large, beautiful golden colored butterfly-really pretty. So I rushed inside for the camera. Of course when I returned it has left. But I still had fun watching these guys and took a few shots.

These are wonderful plants. Pretty and good for the earth at the same time. Great!!

I'm glad our neighbor has provided us with such splendor to enjoy.


VintageBella said...

Sharon, oh my gosh, those are beautiful butterfly bushes. We just planted 2 of them over the weekend......waiting for butterflies now...... xo Heather

haberheartwork said...

Hope you get lots of butterflies. They just swarm all around our neighbor's. I will tell you though that the bees seem to like them as well.