Tuesday, January 20, 2009

'Ode to my Dremel'
So now I have a dremel, I use it everyday,
Oh, dremel, dremel, dremel, just can't put you away.
Who knew a little rotary tool could fill my heart with glee,
For now I drill, grind, sand and polish oh so merrily.
Even my dog Scoutster, thinks the dremel is sublime,
They like to snuggle up together when they have the time.
My dremel is a wonder, my dremel is a star,
I have to sing its praises to people near and far.
Dremel, dremel, dremel, you are a dream come true,
I simply can't imagine what I did without you!!


Carey Lynn said...

I know just how you feel!

Fuzzy Izmit said...

LOL! I need to show this to my husband!

haberheartwork said...

Glad someone liked my 'dremel ode'. LOL It is a handy, dandy little tool.