Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sending warm vibes to all of you out there dealing with the cold, snow, ice storms and just general yucky weather. The weather reports look pretty dismal for a lot of folks.
So here's hoping you have someone warm to snuggle up with, plenty of good books to read, music to listen to and great stories to tell.
Things to do when your power is out:
- go to someplace where they DO have power (LOL)
- make shadow designs on the wall using your candles
- share family stories, the really old funny kind
- eat everything melting in your freezer
- snuggle by the fire in your fireplace (if you have one!)
- sing, read, play games
- take pictures; who looks the worst not having a shower in several days???
- stop trying to use your microwave; it won't work!!
- drink and be merry-eat more melting food!!
Take care♥♥♥


Nicole said...

Oh... was I supposed to wait until the power goes out BEFORE I ate everything in the freezer? Shoot... :)

Kitty said...

Hello! I found you when you popped up on my blog under the 'people brave enough to be identified as readers' thingy. Thank you so much!

You have an interesting blog here - your little dog is SO cute!

We are snowed up here - so I think I'll take some of those tips, thanks! :-)

haberheartwork said...

Hey, I love your blog. I love your movie and music choices as well. I make bookmarks from fabric so also love cotton fabrics.
Glad you like my 'little' dog, but she isn't so little. She is old and doesn't get much exercise anymore so she is a fattie. The vet says I have to get her to do some type of activity. Yeah, good luck on that one. Hahaha!!
Hope you are staying warm. Take good care and thanks for writing
:0) ♥♥

haberheartwork said...

Nicole, that's funny!! I hope you had delicious things in your freezer. Mine has lots of veggies since I'm a vegetarian. So not much fun there. Ice cream and cakes would be good.... :0)