Sunday, January 25, 2009

Well, I love music. So it is no wonder that my faithful companion, Scoutster loves music too.
We happened to catch an American Idol show the other night. Since then, Scoutster has been determined that she wants to be a contestant on the show. And let me tell you, she can 'sing' really well. Every night she does her snoring sonata and it is something to hear, let me tell ya!!
So, I don't know when she will make it to the show....but she is lovin' watching the show. And she is a cutie pie and a really great I guess that makes her my 'american idol'!!


Annie Howes said...

Too cute. You crack me up. LOL!


Nicole said...

She's definitely got the bod for it. Work it!!!

katwhitt said...

how adorable!!