Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keep Your Pet Protected

Here are some tips taken from an article in Family Circle Magazine-June 2010 Issue, page 100.

These are suggestions for taking care of dogs during the hot summer months.

1.  Apparently animals don't sweat like people do...I didn't know this!  So they suggest limiting strenuous outdoor activity in the hottest part of the day.
Also suggested having a shady spot available for the pet to rest and cool off.

2. Pet's can get a sun burn.  Now, this I DID know since our dogs got sunburn on their noses when we spent a day at the beach.
Anyway, they suggest using a pet-safe SPF sunscreen (found at pet supply stores) on the belly, nose and ears and to reapply after the pet has been swimming.

3.  Specific fertilizers can be dangerous to pets....even if you don't use them on your own property, your pet my run across them in other areas.  Pay attention to where your pet is going and watch for any signs of distress.

4.  Watch out for those pesky bugs!!  The primary offenders are mosquitoes, ticks and fleas.  They suggest checking with your vet for the best anti-tick and bug repellent for your pet.  Also, check daily for any bites or unusual sores on your fur baby.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy summer.

Enjoy the day♥♥


(Karen) Lisa Daley said...

Thanks for sharing the tips Sharon. I didn't realize there were sunscreens for dogs!

Veganessa said...

thanks for the tips - also don't leave dogs in cars on a hot day, even with the window open!

Jane said...

Great tips Sharon!

Dogs do sweat but only through their paw pads ;-) I was taught that this can be a good way to help assess a dog's emotional status e.g. if they are nervous they may sweat more & you will see a trail of moisture where they have been walking (assuming they haven't just walked through something wet!).

I learnt the hard way just the other weekend that dogs can get sunburnt - I must've let Max spend too much time lying upside down on the beach as his (slightly bald anyway - greyhounds don't have much hair on their underside) tummy was looking a bit pink afterwards - poor boy =( At least I'll know for next time though.