Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time to leave the nest

The babies have left the nest!  Two fell out yesterday....well they flew a bit but didn't really have the whole concept under control.....
So, in my pj's and rubber gloves (not a pretty sight!!)  I chased them around and managed to get them back in the nest. 

But, while getting them settled back in, the third one took off.  So...I managed to get him and when I went to put him back in the nest, the other two were gone.  I looked everywhere, but could not find them.  I did chase away a HUGE owl that I think was after them.  The parent robins were dive bombing the owl.  I guess the babies were out there in the trees/bushes somewhere and looked like a nice snack to Mr. Owl.

Anyway, I hope they made it.  The third baby stayed in the nest all day yesterday and the mommy robin continued to feed it.  When I looked out this morning, he was gone.  

I will miss them.  

They did leave us something to remember them by....
Heehee......looks like a good clean up job for my husband!  Ha!

Enjoy the day♥♥


thedoghouse said...

Aw, I've loved following the story of how you've looked after this wee bird family. They are very lucky to have chosen to nest in your porch! Jx

Art and Sew Forth said...

Sharon, this was such a wonderful series! Funny how attached we get to things. I wonder if you eave the nest there, if Mom will return next year. Don't robins do that?