Friday, April 9, 2010

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate

This delicious treat is from an etsy shop,
Nicole's Homemade Treats.

Everything in this shop is wonderful♥
This particular treat is:  

I recently read a little blurb in Oprah magazine about the benefits of chocolate.

It stated that "the creamy indulgence confers health benefits, including possible protection against cancer and heart disease." and "It turns out that chocolate can also reduce skin damage from sun exposure." (Oprah Magazine, March 2010, page 106)

Now we can all indulge in chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

I plan to eat a bit of chocolate everyday....for health reasons, of course....heehee.

Have a chocolicious day♥♥

1 comment:

Winklepots said...

I'm fighting so hard not to indulge in the goodies that Nicole submitted for The Cookie Jar. There are four of her chocolate clusters left and they're calling to me!
Quickly, someone buy a jar and save me from myself. :o)