Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where did the day go?????

Well, I know we all have "those days".  I'm talking about when you take on a little project that you believe will take maybe 5 minutes to  complete.  And then a long time later, you still have not completed the project.

Mine began with a simple squeak in my desk chair.  Now this is not a top of the line chair to begin with, but it serves it's purpose.  Unfortunately, it developed this really annoying squeak.  I put up with it for quite a while until I decided I couldn't listen to it any longer.

So I rounded up my usual tools for a minor repair job.  I examined the chair for the source of the squeak, applied WD-40, tightened screws....and the squeak remained.  Did some more examining, applied more WD-40, more tightening of screws.....and we're still squeaking.  

At this point, I seriously debated the merits of even attempting to rid the chair of the squeak and entertained wistful thoughts of just replacing the chair.  I felt sure someone, somewhere would love to find this squeaking chair at my local donation store.

But I am stubborn (just ask my family!) and would not let this squeaking chair get the best of me. So I trudged forward in my quest to desqueak the chair.

FINALLY, after a LOOOOOONG time, it stopped squeaking. Success was mine!!
I was so proud of myself.  I just had to take a few moments to sit in the chair and bask in my squeakless joy!!!!

Of course, in the  process of desqueaking the chair I had made a bit of a mess.  Now I had to clean up.....and then decided that since I was in clean up mode I would straighten up a few other areas of my office.

By the time this whole deal is done, a large portion of the day has evaporated and none of the things I had planned to do have been accomplished.  But hey....I have conquered the squeak in the chair.  Now, that has to be worth something in the scheme of things, right?!?!

The end of the saga is that I sat in my chair this morning.....the day AFTER the desqueaking session.....and the chair BROKE!! Oh, the nerve of this chair!!! I can still sit in it, but it now leans and wobbles.......and I know it is not long before the seat completely breaks apart from the chair stand.  

So, it will be a new chair after all.....hopefully without squeaks.

Enjoy the day♥♥

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