Friday, April 16, 2010

Where did the day go - Part 2 ?????

So this is the chair that broke.  Poor thing just couldn't take my squatty butt sitting on it anymore....

I actually spent some time attempting to fix it before my new chair arrived. 
This attempt involved metal brackets, duct tape, glue and a variety of tools. Nothing worked.  My dog, Scout, watched the whole process and she was quite perplexed  by it.  She listened to all my frustrated utterances....most of which should not be repeated....heehee.

So, the new chair arrived in a box and had to be assembled. You know you always need to be concerned when it says "easy assembly".  That is a sure fire way to know that you will be spending some serious time getting this put together.
It wasn't too bad though and I have to say I love my new chair. It is comfortable and it is blue, my favorite color.  

I couldn't part with the pieces of the old chair just yet.  I am thinking about what I can make out of it will hang around for a while with all the other things that are supposed to be destined to be transformed into something wonderful.

Enjoy the weekend♥

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