Sunday, April 4, 2010

Organization Idea

 I have this angled section of wall in my studio.  It is a place where the roof line slants to accommodate the shape of the room.....this was an added space.

I couldn't install shelving here due to the angle.  Then I thought of a VERY simple way to utilize the space.  I attached dowels to the ceiling with silk ribbon that I had on hand.  

I made three separate hanging rods that are staggered.  They work great for my ribbons and clamps. 

I have also used them for a variety of other tasks......for instance hanging projects to dry.

So, if you have a space like this, give it a try.  Simple, inexpensive and very useful.

Craft on♥♥


WindandHoney said...

I'm very impressed with your organization.

elsiee said...

GENIUS!! love how neat and accessible it makes you ribbons!